Rambling Lifelong Investor (漫步终身投资者)

Meet a group of like-minded friends who are willing to walk hand in hand on the road of lifelong investment. 邂逅一群志同道合的朋友,愿意在终身投资之路上携手同行。投资交流微信群:终身投资者

Be a Lifelong Investor (做终身投资者)

Simple Principles 简单的理念 Financial Plan 财务计划 Every individual and family needs a financial plan in order to set, pursue, and reach their goals; meanwhile, lifelong investing is simple to grasp, but not easy to hold on for a massive success. Here, just stick to a simple principle: be a lifelong investor, always invest into outstanding index and ...

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Lifelong Investing Journey (终身投资之旅)

Long Long Journey 漫漫的旅程 Record the gusty market events, actions been taken and lessons learned along the long long journey. 记录在漫漫投资旅程上迸发的市场大事件和所采取的行动及经验总结。 0810 China/US Trade War 中美贸易战 2002 COVID-19 Pandemic 新冠疫情爆发 2201 Rate Rises & Taper 加息和缩表 2202 Russia-Ukraine Conflict 俄乌冲突

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